Our Story..

Wander Collections was founded in January 2018 by a traveller, Jhelyn Dalupang. After graduating in tourism management, she traveled for weeks to India, Singapore and Thailand. She came home inspired to find something she loved to do everyday. Something which indicates art with handcrafted goods.

From Jhelyn: For most, travellers like to bring things home to commemorate their trip. Sometimes it’s local artisan creations, clothing, or in my case mandala. I collected Mandala from every country and every city. Every time someone would ask me about them I could not only tell them where it was from but also recount stories about that place and the people I met. it was like having an arm full of stories.

I wanted to create something that was not only easy to travel with so that you could take on all your adventures but also something to inspire you everyday. There were many people I met along the way that shared stories and inspired me to go home and live a life I loved! That’s why I decided that each mandala would be inspired by someone and would come with a story about them. Wander Collections goes out to thanking all of you for being yourselves because by simply sharing who you are to the world, you are inspiring others to do the same.

Love for travel!

I hope these Mandalas inspire you and go with you on great adventures. Join our community on Facebook and Instagram (@wandercollections #Wandercollections) to share your pictures, adventures and stories with us.