Our Story



Wander Collections is an online store of treasures for those who love to wander, One-of-a-kind handpicked pieces from different places.

Founded in January 2018 by a traveller Jhelyn Dalupang, right after her graduation  in Tourism Management, she traveled different places to pursue her passion for collecting handcrafted products.

Wander Collections combines the visual interest of bohemian design with finely curated, handprinted natural fibers and traditional hand embroidery. The line is inspired by hand-crafted antique textiles and fibres and is produced by skilled artisans in India, with a focus on fair labor and ethics.

At Wander Collections we believe in using natural fabrics because we don't want our Mandalas to be made from fossil fuels. We believe in supporting artisanal processes. Founded on the principles of integrity, respectful design practices, and care, we strive to make Mandala that feel as good ethically as they do aesthetically.

I hope these Mandalas inspire you and go with you on great adventures.

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